With the objective of recognizing outstanding works of Hong Kong cinema and strengthen film and cultural exchanges. Please joining us the new film programme: Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation.
The Masterclass Series presents an Asian filmmaker in conversation with a film critic open to the general public in different parts of the world to raise awareness and knowledge of Asian cinema and some of the key players in its development and practice.
Journey to the Fest comprises student visits to major international film festivals led by the AFA Academy. The visits allow film and media students the opportunity to develop their skills and enrich their outlook, experience and network with their peers and professionals from around the world. Students on the visit will participate in various festival events.
Asian Cinerama promotes Asian cinema by giving audiences of Asia and beyond rare opportunities to see outstanding Asian films that were nominated or awarded by the Asian Film Awards. The screening of Asian films in different parts of the world will help develop regional film industries and markets of Asia.
Young Film Professionals Program offers overseas training opportunities in mature film industries for early and mid-career young film professionals in their respective disciplines. These professionals selected by veteran film professionals and specialists will learn working methods and......
Invite overseas film professionals to Hong Kong to conduct talks on film crafts at different venues such as festivals and educational institutions, and partner with Hong Kong film professionals on their respective field for on-stage in-depth discussions open to the public.