12 AFA Press Release
Organized by the Asian Film Awards Academy (“AFA Academy”), the Asian Film Awards (“AFA”) will celebrate its 12th anniversary this year. For this edition, 89 nominations have been made for 17 awards, including the newly added Best New Director and Best Action Film. The nominations represent 32 films from 10 countries.
Welcome to the Press Conference for the 12th Asian Film Awards, where we will celebrate the great work that the Asian Film Awards Academy did in 2017 and announce this year’s AFA nominations and jury.
This year, with support from Create Hong Kong, the AFA Academy sent FIVE young film profes-sionals to work placements in sound, visual effects and colour grading at renowned film studios Rotor Films, The Post Republic and Trixter in Berlin and Potsdam (Germany). We hope we can contribute more to the development of Hong Kong's post-production skills......