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To nurture a new generation of dedicated film events programmers, marketers and organizers, the Asian Film Awards Academy organizes the Student Internship Program in association with the Broadway Cinematheque (Hong Kong) to give film and media related students the opportunities to experience the work environments of film events organization.
The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFA Academy), with the support of Create Hong Kong and the Film Development Fund fo the Hong Kong SAR Government and in association with one of its Founding Organizations, the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), will organize a Student Visit, titled Journey to the Fest, to the TIFF and its associated market TIFFCOM in Tokyo, Japan between October and November.
Founded in 2013 by the three major international film festivals in Asia, that is Busan, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA)’s objective is to promote and develop Asian cinema, its talents and audiences. With the financial support from Create Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Film Development Fund, the AFAA will present year-round initiatives such as professional exchanges, mentorship and development programs for young filmmakers, and strategies for regional and international audience development.