Mark the date 12 March: See you at the Awards Ceremony!

Asian filmmakers from Busan, Hong Kong and Tokyo again gathered here to showcase Asian films to the world

The 16th Asian Film Awards unveiled the complete list of nominees across all categories, in a press conference held at Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers, with the presence of Asian Film Awards Academy (AFA) and Hong Kong International Film Festival Association (HKIFF) Chairman Dr. Wilfred WONG, Board Member of Asian Film Awards Academy Mr. Fred WANG, HKPM Director Dr. Louis NG, Executive Director of Asian Film Awards Academy Josie Lin, Youth Ambassador of this year’s Asian Film Awards Ms. LIN Minchen, Ms. Chrissie CHAU, Mr. LING Man Lung, Ms. Angela YUEN, Director Ms. Mabel CHEUNG and Media friends.

The Chairman of Hong Kong International Film Festival Association, Dr. Wilfred WONG delivered opening remarks at the conference and shared his view on a post-pandemic future. “As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, AFA Awards Ceremony had to be held online in the past two years, making it difficult for fellow filmmakers to have face to face communication. Three years after the outbreak, gradual recovery has been seen in Asian film productions and screenings and it is expected to bring new opportunities.”

This year’s Asian Film Awards is honoured to invite Mr. Lee Yong-kwan, Chairman of the Busan International Film Festival, and Mr. Ando Hiroyasu, Chairman of the Tokyo International Film Festival, to greet the guests present in the form of video. Director ZHANG Yimou, the chair of this year’s jury, wasn’t able to attend in person, but still shared his words via video. “Asian films have been receiving widespread attention around the globe in recent years and this reveals the passion and enthusiasm of the Asian filmmakers.”

Ms. LIN Minchen was appointed as AFA16 ‘Youth Ambassador’ and was very enthusiastic about her role. “I am honoured to be the Young Ambassador of the Asian Film Awards and I am looking forward to sharing the nomination list for the 16th Asian Film Awards.” Youth Ambassador Minchen and the 4 officiating guests then announced the shortlist for the 16th Asian Film Awards and the names of the Jury President and members.


LING Man Lung, the Rising Star winner of the Asia Content Awards at the Busan International Film Festival, then appeared on stage and encouraged young aspiring filmmakers, “What makes performing art special is the feedback from the audience is very honest, so be mentally prepared.”

The “To My Nineteen Year Old Self” Director, Mabel CHEUNG remarked, “The most important thing in filmmaking is having the bravery to put ideas into action. Every film has its own destiny, you can only do your best and leave the rest to fate.” The conference was a star-studded event filled with love and came to an end with a toast to the success of the 16th Asian Film Awards. The ceremony will take place at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Auditorium in the Hong Kong Palace Museum, West Kowloon, on 12th March 2023.


In the coming three months, the Academy will organise a series of promotion events, including talks, shortlisted film screenings and exhibitions. Stay tuned and let’s meet again at the 16th Asian Film Awards Ceremony on 12 March!

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