Press Conference

29 September, 2023

The Grand Ballroom – The Langham, Hong Kong | Turfan Ballroom – Smart Stage, The Londoner Macao, Macau

The Asian Film Awards Academy is proud to announce the launch of the International Film Camp (IFC). 


Press conference of the International Film Camp was held today in an unprecedented way simultaneously Hong Kong and Macau. The event was a great success thanks to the presence of our honourable guests, including AFAA Chairman Dr. Wilfred Wong, the Vice President of Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau Mr. Cheang Kai Meng, representatives from supporting and sponsoring organisations Mr. Gary Mak, Mr. Grant Chum and Mr. Dave Sun, IFC advisor Dir. Anthony Chen, mentors Dir. Mabel Cheung and Mr. Ding Yuin Shan, AFAA Youth Ambassador Ms. Lin Min Chen, and Macau directors Mr. Hong Heng-Fai, Ms. Tracy Choi, Ms. Emily Chan and Mr. Chong Cho-Kio. 



The IFC will be held in Macau in April 2024. Though the exchange of ideas with veteran filmmakers as mentors and guest speaker, as well as among participants, this film camp aims to nurture and empower the next generation of Asian filmmakers. 


Application to the IFC is now open. Please stay tuned to our official website and social media platforms for more updates and details of the event!