CHOI Ian Sin

Guest Speaker

A native Macau resident, Tracy Choi Ian Sin studied filmmaking in Taiwan’s Shih Hsin University. In 2012 her documentary short, “I’m Here,” won the Jury Award at the Macau International Film and Video Festival. The film was subsequently invited to various international film festivals, including the Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival. Tracy is considered one of the rising filmmakers in Macau.


In 2013 Tracy received her MFA degree in Film Production at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. “Sisterhood” is Tracy’s first narrative feature film and is based on her experience of growing up in Macau and witnessing the city’s rapid change in the past decade. The project received a grant from Macau’s Instituto Cultural. “Sisterhood” also gets nominated and awards in different festivals. Her second feature film “Lonely 18” will release in 2023.

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