Experience the magic of Hong Kong cinema at the “Asian Cinerama – Hong Kong Film Festival” in Dubai!

The seven-day festival brings together all-time classics and tastes of freshness of Hong Kong cinema, through a curated selection of 7 captivating films. Adding to the excitement, we are honoured to welcome Hong Kong rising actress, Ng Wing Sze, who will grace the event in person!

The Asian Film Awards Academy and Dubai’s renowned independent cinema, Cinema Akil, join hands for the very first time to present an extraordinary cinematic extravaganza: the “Asian Cinerama – Hong Kong Film Festival.” From November 10 to 16, the festival will showcase the past, present, and future of Hong Kong cinema with a total of seven films across a range of genres, including action-packed martial arts, thrillers, and romantic dramas.


This project, branded under the Asian Cinerama initiative, is presented by the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) in collaboration with Cinema Akil, financially supported by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) and the Film Development Fund (FDF) alongside the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) in Dubai.


The seven-day festival will kick off on the 10th of November with the Thriller Mad Fate (2023). Directed by Soi Cheang, the opening film will deliver a thrilling roller coaster ride of a fortune-teller’s attempt to change a killer’s destiny. Hong Kong Film Festival will also treat local audiences to A Light Never Goes Out (2022), the latest film by director Anastasia Tsang, which is an ode and testament to Hong Kong’s infamous neon signs and its makers.


This will be followed by director Lam Sum’s The Narrow Road (2022) to offer a tale of love, forgiveness and human resilience in trying times. Where the Wind Blows (2022), set in the 70’s, is also a riveting true crime thriller by director Philip Yung that will be a part of the festival. Bringing in the latest releases of Hong Kong, Cinema Akil will be presenting Back Home (2023) by director Nate Ki – a chilling exploration of reconstructed memories that will give film lovers an insight into the protagonist’s family dynamics, spanning genres such as horror, thriller, and drama.


Showcased at Cinema Akil, the Hong Kong Film Festival will also feature popular classics such as The Way of the Dragon (1972), created by actor and director Bruce Lee. The programme will also include the newly restored Made in Hong Kong (1997) by director Fruit Chan to give a peek into the timeless classics that mark the legacy of Hong Kong cinema.


Damian Lee, Director-General of the HKETO in Dubai, said “We are thrilled to support the second edition of Hong Kong Film Festival and promote Hong Kong Cinema to audiences in Dubai. After the remarkable success of the first edition, we look forward to reintroducing the latest generation of Hong Kong filmmaking talents to share their creative experiences in the UAE. Our collaboration with Cinema Akil is a testament to of our commitment to bringing a vast range of cinema to this region, and we are confident that this programme will continue to enthral the ever-growing fanbase that the arthouse has cultivated over the years.”


Cinema Akil founder Butheina Kazim said, “We look forward to bringing the second edition of the Hong Kong Film Festival, a project presented by the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) in partnership with Cinema Akil, and generously supported by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) and the Film Development Fund (FDF), alongside the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Dubai (HKETO). This year’s festival underscores a significant milestone in our commitment to bring diverse cinematic experiences to the region. With this festival, we not only aim to entertain audiences but also uplift emerging and established filmmakers to help them receive the recognition they deserve. The return of the festival is a testament to the enduring appeal of Hong Kong cinema and we look forward to sharing it with our dedicated audience.”


Josie Lin, Executive Director of Asian Film Awards Academy said “We are delighted to collaborate with Cinema Akil for the first time to present Hong Kong Film Festival, under our year-round Asian Cinerama initiative. This partnership brings together the all-time classics and tastes of freshness of Hong Kong cinema, through a curated selection of captivating films, we celebrate the unique storytelling and artistic vision of Hong Kong filmmakers. Together, we aim to create an unforgettable cinematic experience that connects audiences in Dubai with the vibrant world of Hong Kong cinema.”


Asian Cinerama – Hong Kong Film Festival will run from 10th-16th November at Cinema Akil. Tickets and calendar are available at www.cinemaakil.com


Please contact us if any questions,

Email: info@afa-academy.com

Tel: +852 3195 0608

Website: www.afa-academy.com

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