L’Immagine Ritrovata


Date: June – September 2018

Location: Bologna

Partners: L’Immagine Ritrovata

The AFA Academy’s Young Film Professionals Program offers overseas training opportunities in mature film industries to enable promising early career professionals in film to develop their skills, international outlook, professional relationships and knowledge so as to move to the next stage of their career. A total of six candidates were sent to L’Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna, Italy to learn working methods, structures, technologies, and peer networking in the company specializes and excels in film restoration. Two candidates participated in the summer program, which lasted for three months and included the participation in the FIAF Film Restoration Summer School and Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival; while the other four candidates were sent to the same company for a one-month on-job training. The Program also serves to develop the relationship between Asian film professionals with those that are outside the region.

Founded as part of the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, L’Immagine Ritrovata is a highly specialized film restoration laboratory, and has been a pioneer in the development of methodologies and research in the preservation of film heritage and a world-renowned standard of reference in the field of film restoration. The laboratory is furnished with facilities for all aspects of film restoration workflow from 4K digital to photochemical restoration, designed and capable of handling the restoration of films from every cinematic age.


L’Immagine Ritrovata is committed to the facilitating and sharing of film preservation knowledge and experience to professionals from all over the world, and has organized training courses such as the FIAF Film Restoration Summer School, and other short term film restoration courses at cities including Singapore, Mumbai, Buenos Aires where experts and cinephiles can converge and exchange ideas for the advancement of film restoration.

Welcome to watch the interview with candidates:

他の 映画専門家海外訓練企画
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White Light Post Both Hong Kong participants stated that by attending the "Young Film Professionals Programme" in Thailand, they were able to gain an in-depth understanding of the various post-production steps, which has also helped them set clearer goals for their future career development.
White Light Post The selected students not only learned colour grading skills but had a deeper understanding of the local film industry's post-production structure, workflow, management arrangements, etc.
mm2 エンターテインメント香港リミテッド The Student Internship Program providing students extensive possibilities to discover film industry in various aspects.
ブロードウェイ・シネマティーク The Student Internship Program aims to help students to develop careers and professional identities in the film industry.
The Post Republic The candidate can work in the standard and international sound post-production studios to learn a lot from the film industry in Germany.
White Light Post The most valuable element in this programme is the opportunity to get to know how the professional work in this industry.
ブロードウェイ・シネマティーク The intern can help in preparation and execution of the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival and gain most experience in three months.
L’Immagine Ritrovata The candidate can join two-months’ work placements at L’Immagine Ritrovata film restoration laboratory in Bologna, Italy.
ブロードウェイ・シネマティーク The Student Internship Program to nurture a new generation of dedicated film events programmers, marketers and organizers.

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