Emerging Directors Exhibition Presents New Face of the Hong Kong Films

The Emerging Directors Exhibition was successfully held in Bangkok, featuring ten films that were funded by the Hong Kong Film Development Fund. The exhibition showcased the unique film scenes and props of Hong Kong, and portraits of rising film directors, attracting a large number of Thai audiences to visit.

Supported and presented by CreateHK and the Film Development Fund, co-organized by the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) and House Cinema in Bangkok, with full support from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Bangkok, the Emerging Directors Exhibition was successfully held at the renowned House Cinema from October 22 to November 11 2023. The exhibition was open to the public every day and received enthusiastic response.


The Emerging Directors Exhibition is one of the highlight events of “Hong Kong Week 2023@Bangkok”, presenting an exhibition and a programme of film screenings. Government officials as well as film and television industry professionals from Hong Kong and Thailand, and local Thai influencers, attended the opening ceremony. Beautiful moments were captures through photos and videos at the exhibition. Director Jack Ng expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am very grateful to the organizers for their dedicated efforts in promoting Hong Kong cinema. Working in the creative industry in Hong Kong creative, I feel very fortunate.”

Our designer demonstrated a fresh perspective of the Hong Kong film industry through a series of reconstructed and redesigned movie scenes and props, highlighting both the works of emerging filmmakers and the unique characteristics of Hong Kong. Detailed descriptions in English and Thai provided audiences with a thorough understanding of the content and creative concepts of each work.


In the exhibition, scenes and props inspired by ten wonderful Hong Kong films were presented, including “A Guilty Conscience” directed by Jack Ng. This set featured a unique chair made of banknotes, providing a special experience for the audience. Neon light installations were used to recreate vibrant and warm city nights from “A Light Never Goes Out” directed by Anastasia Tsang . The warmth of family in “Mama’s Affair” directed by Karen Pang were brought through a scene of a local “cha chaan teng” . The gathering and dining scenes of “Hong Kong Family” directed by Tsang Hing Weng Eric were recreated by a unique round dining table installation, reminding us of the times spent with family. an exquisite Chinese traditional wedding attire and a romantic proposal scene, immersing viewers in the world of love of “My Prince Edward” directed by Norris Wong.

In addition, the signage of Chungking Mansions, where “Hand Rolled Cigarette” directed by Chan Kin Long mainly set in, represented a distinctive scene of Hong Kong. A black comedy experience of “Over My Dead Body” directed by Ho Cheuk Tin were provided through the design of a crime scene investigation. The lives of grassroots communities in Hong Kong depicted in “Sunshine Of My Life” directed by Judy Chu were represented through the artistic imagination of dense public housing buildings. These films as well as “Lost Love” directed by Ka Shing Fung were presented with detailed textual and visual introductions, allowing visitors to better understand their storylines and content. We have also invited Hong Kong illustrator Alex Chan to create portraits for the nine new directors, enabling local audiences to gain a better understanding of the new generation of talents in Hong Kong cinema.


These films are all funded by the Hong Kong Film Development Fund, through schemes including the Film Production Financing Scheme and the First Feature Film Initiative. The former provides partial funding to support small and medium-budget films, to promote the diversity of local productions. The latter aims to fund new directors and their film production teams to shoot their first feature film using a commercial model, thereby nurturing talents for the local film industry.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation will continue its journey to Indonesia, Cambodia, and Dubai. Log on to AFAA official website for more updates.

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