TENG Lee Yein

Director, IFC

Experienced Content & Media Strategist, Producer & Distributor with a demonstrated history of working in the film, television and entertainment industry in Asia. Skilled in Content Creation, Licensing, Distribution and Aggregation for all mode of delivery medium from cinemas to New Media & Digital Platform, Mobile Content, Film & TV Content Development, Film Financing, Production and International Co-Production. Skilled & Experienced in Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Strategist and International Relations. Advisor to various film festivals & organizations including Busan International Film Festivals, Asian Content & Project Market Busan, Key strategist in the founding of Malaysia International Film Festival & Advisor to KOFIC & ASEAN Film Collaboration (ARFO). Programming Director at Hainan Island International Film Festival (2019 – 2022). Former Senior Vice President of International Content Aggregation at Astro Overseas Limited and Vice President of Regional Acquisition & Distribution at Astro Malaysia Holdings. Former Senior Vice President at Adi Karya Visi (Indonesia). Executive Producer for 3AM The Movies (Thailand & Malaysia Co-production with sales to over 50 countries worldwide), Executive Producer for 3 AM the Thai Ghost Movie series and DOORS, a Philippines Malaysia co-produced Horror Anthology. Executive Producer for the awards winning Short Films series ie SEAShorts that nurtured & provided a platform for young upcoming Southeast Asian filmmakers to showcased their works. Former Researcher at Institute of Strategic & International Studies, Malaysia (a government think-tank).

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