Review of Asian Film Awards Academy 2022 program

We have been committed to training the new generation, as well as organizing a variety of filmmaker networking events, screenings and audience sharing sessions across Asia

The Academy has organized a series of exciting events to promote Asian films, let’s flashback to special moments of 2022.


In 2022, the Asian Film Awards Academy held a series of exciting events to promote Asian films and cultural exchanges, allowing us to reflect on the special moments of 2022.


This year’s two-session film technology workshop kicked off. We were honored to have Romanian New Wave director Radu Jude and guest Avi Mograbi to share their understanding of cinema and the difficulties of making films in a volatile environment. Radu Jude also sent a message to students to do more searching, accumulate life experience, and understand different cultures to make unexpected films.

Film Craft Workshops

In February, the Master Class Series was held for the first time in Singapore. The event was honored to invite Ms. Cheung Wanting, a famous Hong Kong director, to have an in-depth conversation with the local audience, and Singapore’s outstanding filmmaker Lai Kit-Sang was the host.


From May to October this year, “Asian Film Tour Screenings” were held in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The touring screening aims to expand the audience of Asian films, expand the Asian film market, promote the development of the film industry, promote multicultural and exchange activities, and jointly promote the best Asian film works. The audience responded enthusiastically, and tickets for many sessions sold out quickly.

Asian Cinerama
Young Film Professionals Program

In collaboration with the Broadway Film Centre and MM2, we organised a film specialist training programme to allow students who wish to pursue a career in the film industry to experience the film industry first-hand, including copywriting, activities, and editing. To nurture the next generation of talent and promote the development of the local film industry. In addition to the local training programme, we also partnered with Thai post-production company White Light Post for the third time to provide a three-month internship in the color-grading department in Bangkok.


Over the past year, the Asian Film Academy has been committed to training the new generation, as well as organising a variety of filmmaker networking events, screenings and audience sharing sessions across Asia. Committed to promoting the diversified development of Asian films. In the coming year, we will continue to strive to promote collaboration and support the development of Asian films around the world.

「第16回アジア・フィルム・アワード」⽇本映画勢が多数受賞︕ 『ドライブ・マイ・カー』が最優秀作品賞含むトリプル受賞,宮沢氷魚さん(『エゴイスト』)最優秀助演男優賞受賞,是枝裕和監督(韓国作品・『ベイビー・ブローカー』)最優秀監督賞受賞
Tony LEUNG Chiu Wai To Receive Asian Film Contribution Award At 16th Asian Film Awards The globally renowned star to attend award ceremony on March 12th
初のAFA X STI DRESSED AWARD レッドカーペットベストドレッサー賞 アジア映画界の精鋭が集ったセレモニーの注目ポイントは受賞とノミネートだけではない!
Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence: Asian Film Awards Exhibition Experience the Asian Film Awards at special photo spots. Play the gacha machine for a chance to win celebrity autographs. LIN Min Chen and Vivian SUNG to meet and interact with fans
第16回アジア・フィルム・アワード:アジアのレジェンド俳優サモ・ハン・キンポーさん、特別功労賞を受賞 今でも賞をいただけること、特に私のキャリアを認めてくれる賞をいただけるのは、とても嬉しく、同時に驚いています。」
Film Craft Workshop: Darezhan Omirbayev’s Language and Cinema We are honoured to have the director in person to talk about the language of cinema and the relationship of language and cinema.
ONE CLICK, ALL INFORMATION The Asian Film Awards Academy's (AFAA) website was redesigned and reorganized.
Notable Asian Directors and Actors to Meet the Hong Kong Audience in Person at Asian Cinerama Not only will audiences get to see these incredible films on the big screen, but they will also get to meet the nominees in person at the post-screening section. This is a rare opportunity not to be missed.
“Asian Film Awards bears an incredibly potent role in promoting Asian film culture” ZHANG Yimou ZHANG Yimou heads the 16th Asian Film Awards as Jury President presenting the Best Asian, and Most Unique Films On The World Stage
Asian Film Awards Youth Ambassador Lin Min Chen attended an Urdu Calligraphy Class with Ethnic Minority Children Calligraphy class at International Social Service Hong Kong Branch HOPE Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities