Terence CHANG

IFC Advisor

Terence CHANG studied filmmaking at New York University in the mid-70s. Upon his return to his native Hong Kong, he started producing a series of acclaimed and successful movies. In 1986, he was in charge of Overseas Distribution at D&B Films and launched the international careers of Brandon Lee and Michelle Yeoh. After running Tsui Hark’s Film Workshop for two years, he partnered with director John Woo and produced contemporary classics such as THE KILLER (1989), ONCE A THIEF (1991) and HARD-BOILED (1992). Their collaboration continued in Hollywood and Chang produced all of Woo’s pictures during that period, including BROKEN ARROW (1994), FACE/OFF (1997), MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 (2000), WINDTALKERS (2002) and PAYCHECK (2004). He also produced 2 films with Mark Wahlberg, THE BIG HIT (1997) & THE CORRUPTOR (1999) , as well as Woo’s 2-part Chinese epic RED CLIFF (2008). The last picture he produced for Woo was the 2-part action drama THE CROSSING (2014).

In 2012, Chang received the prestigious CineAsia “Producer of the Decade” Award. Since then he had focused on working with young directors, and the films he produced or executive produced include action pictures REIGN OF ASSASSINS, BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES & THE ADVENTURERS, thrillers SAVAGE & WINGS OVER EVEREST, and dramas END OF SUMMER & A STOLEN LIFE.

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