Tony Leung

Encounters, inspiration, and refinement

Date: 26 October 2023

Location: Tokyo (Hulic Hall Tokyo)

Guest: Tony Leung

Moderator: Ichiyama Shozo

Partners: Tokyo International Film Festival

The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) and the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) co-organised the Masterclass series featuring Hong Kong actor Tony Leung. This event marked the reunion of the two organizations after a five-year hiatus. Leung, who recently received the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice Film Festival, shared insights from his illustrious thirty-year acting career with the captivated Japanese audience.


TIFF screened Leung’s personally selected representative film of his career and the Wong Kar-Wai classic, “2046”, followed by an engaging masterclass. Unsurprisingly, all tickets sold out within minutes of going on sale, and the theater was packed on the screening and masterclass day. This overwhelming response highlights the deep affection and high expectations that Japanese audiences hold for Leung.


During his conversation with the host, TIFF Program Director Ichiyama Shozo, Leung revealed fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes. He recounted how Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien casted him in “City of Sadness” and made the main character a deaf-mute person due to his limited Mandarin-speaking abilities. To prepare for the character and immerse himself in the world of deaf-mute individuals, Leung spent hours reading alone in his hotel room. Director Hou also recommended him a plethora of literary novels, which greatly enhanced his future performances by sharpening his portrayal of emotions. Additionally, Leung was inspired by the genuine and natural performances of amateur actors in the film, prompting him to reassess his own acting methods.


Leung attributed his two-decade-long collaboration with director Wong Kar-Wai to fortunate circumstances. Meeting Wong during a critical point in his career proved transformative. Through their work together, Wong helped Leung shed his overly technical approach to acting and introduced him to a wide variety of music, books, and films. During their extensive conversations and daily filming, the two developed a profound understanding and admiration for each other. Leung praised Wong’s exceptional ability to cultivate actors and reflected on the tremendous growth he experienced as part of Wong’s excellent team. For Leung, the role of Chow Mo-wan in “2046” held special significance, as he worked closely with the director to bring a fresh interpretation to the same character from “In the Mood for Love” by adding a beard to the character’s appearance. This commitment to detail paid off, affirming the notion that actors sometimes need to invest in small nuances to fully embody a role. Leung emphasized that every movie and every role is an opportunity for exploration, challenge, and growth.


As an actor, Leung devotes ample time to preparing for and immersing himself in each character he portrays. Initially, he struggled to distinguish himself from the role but then discovered that returning to his daily life gradually restored his sense of self. Afterall, this process hinges on developing a habit. Just as acclimating oneself to a character takes time, leaving that character behind also requires a period of adjustment.


In closing, Leung, who has extensive experience working on films in various regions including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Hollywood, shared his upcoming shooting plans. He will dedicate eight months to preparing for a German movie set to commence filming in the following year. Expressing his eagerness to collaborate with teams from different places, Leung expressed confidence in exploring opportunities to make movies in Japan.

다른 마스터클래스 시리즈
Tony Leung Hong Kong actor Tony Leung shared insights from his career with the Japanese audience at the Masterclass series at the Tokyo International Film Festival.
장완정 장완정은 역사적으로 의미있는 이야 기를 전했다. 그녀 자신이 영향력 있 는 감독으로서의 경험을 마스터클래 스에서 공유하였다.
관금붕 홍콩의 거장 관금붕의 영화에 대 한 깊은 이야기를 들을 수 있었 던 기회
프릇 첸 프룻 첸은 작품으로 국제적인 인정받 은 홍콩 감독 중 한명이다.
프릇 첸 31회 도쿄 국제 영화제에서 페이스 투 페이스 마스터 클래스를 진행한 홍콩의 감독겸 제작자 프룻 첸
정소동 마스터클래스에서 조명한 정소동의 중국무협환타지 장르와 영화 무술 액 션 스타일
정패패 정페이페이는 마스터클래스에서 영화역사에서 첫번째 여성 무협 스타가 된 그녀의 지난 삶을 이야 기했다.
오우삼 현대 액션 영화에서 우리가 당연하게 여기는 대부분의 요소들은 1980년대 오우삼 감독에의해 개발되었다.
두기봉 그 행사는 영국 관객들에게 두기봉 감독을 직접 만나 그의 영화를 깊게 이해할 수 있는 드문 기회가 되었다.

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