22nd International Film Festival of Kerala

Date: 8 – 15 December 2017

Location: Kerala (Nila theatre, Remya theatre)

Guest: Andy Lo, Vivienne Chow

Screening: Happiness, Mr. No Problem, The Woman Who Left, Trivisa, Apprentice

Partners: International Film Festival of Kerala

The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFA Academy) aims to develop regional film industries and markets of Asia, and to promote Asian cinema by giving international audiences rare opportunities to see outstanding works by Asian talents that were nominated or awarded by the Asian Film Awards.

A flagship program in this mission is “Asian Cinerama – Film Roadshows” and this first-time collaboration between the AFA Academy and the International Film Festival Kerala (IFFK) introduces six major films from the Asian Film Awards to the Indian audience.

Other Asian Cinerama
Kuala Lumpur 7 Hong Kong films were premiered in Malaysia. Including the Asian premiere of director Keian Chui’s REMEMBER WHAT I FORGOT.
Jakarta Six Hong Kong films were shown in Indonesia. Showcase the rich and vibrant creativity of contemporary movies produced out of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Both opening and closing films of Asian Cinerama, Hokusai and Waiting for My Cup of Tea, made their Hong Kong premiere at the programme.
Warsaw The best film of the 15th Asian Film Awards "Wife of a Spy" had its grand premiere in Warsaw, and director Kiyoshi Kurosawa also participated in the online sharing session.
Toronto For the first time, Asian Cinerama was held in Toronto, allowing local audiences to watch different styles of Asian films.
Hawaii Over thousand audiences watched different Asian films through Asian Cinerama in Hawaii.
Hong Kong We were grateful to see a full house for opening film Longman Leung’s Anita screening.
Helsinki The programme is opened with Berlin Grand Jury Prize winner, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy!
Warsaw Five excellence Asian filmmakers had joined the interview from Warsaw Five Flavours Asian Film Festival and shown their films!
Hong Kong The programme is opened with Wet Season by a Singaporean director Anthony CHEN. He also join the after-screening sharing session!