Journey to the Fest

Film and media students from Hong Kong and other Asian countries have a golden opportunity to visit major international film festivals by participating in Journey to the Fest. Getting involved in Journey to the Fest, students can attend various festival events, such as Filmmaker’s Talk and Event Tea Party. They at the same time can talk to and interact with filmmakers, attend festival events and screenings, visit film-related institutions, and network with professionals from around the region. The programme allows students to gain deeper understanding and first-hand experience of the industry.


AFAA has collaborated with Busan International Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee, Tokyo International Film Festival and Singapore International Film Festival to organize the programme since 2015. AFAA also liaises with other film festivals to offer more opportunities for participating students to understand their visions.

  • Singapore

    30th Singapore International Film Festival

    During SGIFF, students visited film-related institutions to gain understanding and experience of filmmaking history and culture in Singapore.
  • Tokyo

    31st Tokyo International Film Festival

    The programme gives Hong Kong students the opportunity to develop their skills and enrich their outlook and experience through the visit to an TIFF.
  • Busan

    22nd Busan International Film Festival

    The Asian Film Awards Academy has organize a Student Visit in Busan, South Korea again!
  • Taipei

    53rd Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

    Asian Film Awards Academy had leaded a seven-day Student Visit to the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in 2016.
  • Busan

    20th Busan International Film Festival

    12 students from Hong Kong tertiary institutions visited the 20th Busan International Film Festival to develop their skills and enrich their outlook.

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