Masterclass Series

Asian Film Awards Academy has collaborated with different film festivals and cultural organizations to present its year-round initiative, Masterclass Series, since 2015. Its partners are from around the world, including the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Five Flavours Asian Film Festival, the Helsinki International Film Festival and the Singapore Film Society. The event has been held physically in London, Tokyo and Warsaw, as well as in an online format.


Masterclass Series aims to introduce emerging and veteran Hong Kong and Asian film professionals to both local and international audiences in on-stage conversation which are open to the public. Audiences can learn about the behind-the-scene anecdotes of different films and the filmmakers’ journey to success in the comprehensive discussion in Masterclass Series. We are honoured to have renowned Hong Kong director Johnnie To, internationally acclaimed Hong Kong filmmaker John Woo, martial arts actress Cheng Pei Pei, Chinese action choreographer and director Tony Ching Siu Tung, independent Hong Kong filmmaker and producer Fruit Chan, award-winning Hong Kong auteur Stanley Kwan, and prominent Hong Kong director, producer and scriptwriter Mabel Cheung, Asia’s most successful and internationally recognized Hong Kong actor Tony Leung and Sammo Hung, to be our guests in previous programmes.

  • Sammo Hung

    Know Your Vision, Preserve Your Mind

    Sammo Hung traveled to Singapore to attend the "Masterclass Series" events organized by the Asian Film Awards Academy, including screenings of two of his self-written and directed films — “Warriors Two” and "The Bodyguard,” a press conference, and the highlight, a masterclass session.
  • Tony Leung

    Encounters, inspiration, and refinement

    Hong Kong actor Tony Leung shared insights from his career with the Japanese audience at the Masterclass series at the Tokyo International Film Festival.
  • Mabel Cheung

    The picture in the film is immortal.

    Mabel Cheung created stories with historical significance. Her career as an influential director, had been shared during the Masterclass.
  • Stanley Kwan

    Female-Oriented Films in Hong Kong

    A wonderful opportunity for a deepdive to the films of a renowned Hong Kong director, Stanley Kwan.
  • Fruit Chan

    Between Social Reality and Surrealism

    Fruit CHAN have distinguished his work as one of Hong Kong’s internationally recognized directors.
  • Fruit Chan

    Focus on Hong Kong

    The “Face-to-Face” Masterclass with veteran Hong Kong director and producer Fruit CHAN Kuo at the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival.
  • Tony Ching Siu Tong

    Behind Hong Kong Action Movies

    The masterclass had examine Tony Ching Siu Tong’s pioneering style of cinematic martial arts and the action-fantasy genre of Chinese filmmaking.
  • Cheng Pei Pei

    The Queen of Martial Arts

    Cheng Pei Pei had share her illustrious life as an actress on the world stage and as the first woman wuxia/action star in film history in the Masterclass.
  • John Woo

    Breaking Old and Creating New

    Most of the key elements of the modern action movie that we now take for granted were developed by John Woo in the 1980s.
  • Johnnie To

    The Relationship of Life and Film

    The occasions provided the UK audience with the rare opportunities to meet a Johnnie To face to face to have a deeper understanding of his film.

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