Film Craft Workshops

Aiming to impart film production knowledge to Hong Kong film students, young professionals and the public by inviting foreign experts in the film industry to share their experiences and techniques in their specialized area, the Asian Film Awards Academy organizes Film Craft Workshop in collaboration with different organizations and educational institutions. AFAA made the programme debut in 2018, and has partnered with Goethe-Institut Hongkong, Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, Broadway Cinematheque, Hong Kong Golden Scene Cinema, Hong Kong Baptist University and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


The programme has invited German cinematographer Hans Fromm to discuss the special aesthetics of the “Berlin School”, Korean-Japanese film director and screenwriter Lee Sang-il to share his work on adapting novels to films, Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen to talk about scriptwriting techniques, Japanese writer-director Naomi Kawase to explain her filmmaking process, and Romanian film director and Israeli documentarian Avi Mograbi to comment on the difficulties encountered when filming in a turbulent environment. Audiences are able to understand different elements in the film production and post-production process, such as visual effects, editing, sound design and scriptwriting through the workshop.

  • Shunji Iwai

    Be honest and create with sincerity

    When asked about his perspective on "life and death, fate and love," he emphasised the significance of these motifs in his works.
  • Darezhan OMIRBAYEV

    Language and Cinema

    We are honoured to have Darezhan OMIRBAYEV to attend the Film Craft Workshop with the film students and audience.
  • Radu Jude

    Conscientious Objectors!

    Radu Jude is the most adventurous, exciting, and provocative auteur in recent years, as the first man in Romanian New Wave.
  • Naomi Kawase

    From Film to Real Life

    The award-winning Japanese film director Naomi KAWASE join Film Craft Workshops to share experiences and knowledge.
  • Anthony Chen

    Rewriting Reality on Screen

    Director Anthony Chen hosted two sessions of Film Craft Workshops to share his experiences and knowledge of script writing.
  • Lee Sang-il

    From Literature to Cinema

    We are pleased to invite the famous Korean-Japanese film director and screenwriter Lee Sang-il to share his experiences with Hong Kong audience.
  • Hans Fromm

    Special Aesthetics of the “Berlin School”

    We are happy to have German Cinematographer Hans Fromm to be our guest and host two sessions of Film Craft Workshops.

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