Naomi Kawase

From Film to Real Life

Date: 27 March 2021

Location: Hong Kong (Golden Scene Cinema)

Topic: From Film to Real Life

Guest: Naomi Kawase

Moderator: Ka Ming (University Session), Thomas Shin (Public Session)

Partners: Hong Kong Golden Scene Cinema, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Funded by the Create Hong Kong and Hong Kong Film Development Fund, co-organized with the Golden Scene Cinema, this year Film Craft Workshops concluded successfully with presenting award-winning Japanese film director Naomi KAWASE on 27 March. Two workshops included one opened to public and one special session for students who came from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), were moderated by renowned film critic Mr. Thomas SHIN and HKAPA senior lecturer Mr. FUNG Ka Ming.


Two special screenings of director Naomi KAWASE’s representative works, “An” and “True Mothers” were arranged for both public and students of HKAFA, in order to foster a better understanding of the audience for director Naomi KAWASE. After the screenings, live virtual workshops were held respectively and comprised questions raised by the moderators and the audience. During the workshops, director Naomi KAWASE focused on “An” and “True Mothers” to share her filming process and techniques; she also shared her experiences on collaborating with French editor, filming documentaries and ways she communicated with actors/actresses, etc.

We were incredibly horned to invite director Naomi KAWASE and were grateful for her time and sharing. Thank you for all the audience for participating in the Film Craft Workshops.


The Film Craft Workshops has been held since 2018, the main purpose of the program is to invite overseas experienced film industry professional to share their experiences and knowledge in specialized area of film production with public, film students and young professionals. This enables participants to meet overseas professionals and acquire more film knowledge; and strengthens the bond among Asian and internationals film talents via this platform.

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