Anthony Chen

Rewriting Reality on Screen

Date: 23 May & 6 June 2020

Location: Hong Kong (Broadway Cinematheque, Online platform)

Topic: Rewriting Reality on Screen

Guest: Anthony Chen, Norris Wong (Public Session)

Moderator: Ka Ming (University Session – Online platform), Didi Wu (Public Session)

Partners: Broadway Cinematheque, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

This is the third time of organizing Film Craft Workshops, Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) is in collaborate with Broadway Cinematheque to organize our Film Craft Workshops, inviting film industry professionals to share their experiences and knowledge in specialized areas of film production with film students and young professionals. Providing a chance for them to discuss with film industry professionals on their respective field.


Director Anthony CHEN hosted two sessions of AFA Academy Film Craft Workshops, and we also hold three screenings of his work, “Ilo Ilo” (2013) and “Wet Season” (2020). Due to the pandemic, audience are able to listen and ask Director Anthony CHEN in a video conference call via online platform.  The workshop is take place in Broadway Cinematheque and the guest speaker is Norris WONG who has just awarded for Best New Director in the Hong Kong Film Awards.

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