Josie LIN

Executive Director, Asian Film Awards Academy

Memorable moments during her early days with the AcademyI left the investment banking field for Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) in 2015. This bold decision was coincided with my EMBA graduation, which has inspired me with continuous exploration and creation to approach life like filmmaking. Thankful that I met Dr. Wilfred Wong – a full of guts “Director” who hired a newcomer like me, guided me to explore new topics and creating new chapters for AFAA in order to bring new experiences to our audiences.

No matter how good a “movie” is, the preparation work is always the key to success. My predecessors at AFAA have all made excellent contributions to build AFAA today, those are great examples for me to follow, to learn and to build on. In my four years with AFAA, the most unforgettable thing is overcoming doubts from others, strengthening the team, and working together to earn support from both the industry and sponsors.

The significance of AFA to the Asian CinemaAFAA is a non-profit organization founded by the three major film festivals in Asian – Busan, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Every year, representatives from the three festivals and other industry professionals select films that carry Asian visions and cultural significance. Through AFA, the lives of these films are extended and expanded to bring influences to and beyond Asian regions. Some outsiders wish to see more popular and commercial films selected by AFA, so as to draw more attention from the general public. However, it is AFA’s responsibility to display the visions of Asian filmmakers and the unique stories of Asian people portrayed through the lens, which may also attract attention from overseas markets.

Challenges and ExpectationsAFA is relatively young compared to other existing film awards and it is fortunate to have a team of film lovers from diverse backgrounds. I believe most management behind similar events are facing the same challenges in balancing and incorporating advises from different parties. On this point, Mr. Roger GARCIA is a perfect role model, showing us how to work harmoniously as a close-knit team. In the future, we will strive to reach out to more people through more platforms and start a new chapter in Asian Cinema.

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