Josie LIN

Executive Director, AFAA & IFC

Ms. Josie Lin joined Asia Film Awards Academy (AFA Academy) in November 2015 as its General Manager and is currently serving as its Executive Director and also an industry partner with BAFTA for one of their flagship programme, Breakthrough.  She has been working with various international film festivals in setting up projects in Asia, encouraging exchanges between Hong Kong and other Asian film audiences and professionals to nurture a progressive and integrated Asian film appreciation and filmmaking environment.  Ms. Lin reports directly to the Board of Directors of AFA Academy, led by Mr. Wilfred Wong, Chairman of AFA Academy and will oversee the Academy’s mission to promote the art and culture of film.   

Prior to joining the AFA Academy, Ms. Lin has over 25 years of extensive hands-on management and business development experience in both marketing development and banking business sector for several US and Switzerland listed companies.  

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