Produced by Derek Yee, Directed by Lawrence Kan “In Broad Daylight” to Open Malaysia Showcase

Other films included Director Amos WHY of “Everyphone Everywhere”, "Vital Signs" directed by Cheuk Wan Chi, "Back Home" directed by Nate Ki etc.
13 September 2023

Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation by Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) is returning this September to Malaysia with 6 specially selected films after a successful showcase 2 years ago. Malaysia is one of its stops across Asia, where the event showcases Hong Kong’s cinematic content and talent to audiences within the region, leading to greater appreciation of Hong Kong cinema.


Malaysia will be the first stop in the forthcoming Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation, presented by Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) in collaboration with Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) and GSC Movies (GSCM), financially supported by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) and Film Development Fund (FDF), and supported by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office. “In Broad Daylight”, produced by Derek Yee and directed by Lawrence Kan is the opening film unveiling the 3-day event which will be held at GSC Mid Valley Megamall from Friday to Sunday, 22nd to 24th September 2023. “In Broad Daylight” was nominated in numerous film festivals including New York Asian Film Festival, Asian Summer Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival. Based on true events, the film which stars Jennifer Yu, Bowie Lam and David Chiang, reveals a little-known truth about residential care homes for the disabled that hides beneath the headlines.


Director Lawrence Kan expressed, “It is an honour for our movie to be Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation’s opening film in Malaysia. I am looking forward to be there for the event, and delighted to share with audiences my works, as well as interact with local film makers in exchange of ideas and experiences.”


Besides Director Lawrence Kan, two other invited guests for the event are veteran actor David Chiang, who plays the role of an elderly in the residential care home in “In Broad Daylight”, and Director Amos WHY of “Everyphone Everywhere”. Director Amos WHY whose previous works include “Far Far Away”, is set to showcase his latest film “Everyphone Everywhere” as its Southeast Asian Premiere in this event. The film features Amos WHY’s approach to recording contemporary Hong Kong in a light comic drama capturing scenes of pandemic-era life, while exploring the cityscape and our tight links with mobile phones.    


Other films to be premiered in Malaysia for this event includes “Vital Signs” directed by Cheuk Wan Chi, “Back Home” directed by Nate Ki, and “Deliverance” directed by Kelvin Shum, while “Wish Comes True” directed by Ling Chi Man also marks its Asian Premiere. Actor David Chiang, along with directors Lawrence Kan and Amos WHY will be attending post screening sharing sessions and meet and greet at the cinema. More details and ticketing information are available on GSC’s official website.     


Esther Hau, Head of Distribution & Co-Production of GSC Movies expressed, “Hong Kong cinema is a representation of Chinese culture and heritage. Compared to films from China, Singapore and Taiwan, Hong Kong movies have long-standing significance with its brand of crime and martial arts action. The Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation held in Malaysia would be a good opportunity to nurture our younger generation’s interest and appreciation towards Hong Kong movies”.   


The Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation event schedule is as follows:

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: 22 Sep 2023 8.00pm *Post Screening Sharing Session

EVERYPHONE EVERYWHERE: 23 Sep 2023 2.30pm *Post Screening Sharing Session

VITAL SIGN: 23 Sep 2023 5.30pm

BACK HOME: 24 Sep 2023 .30pm *With Bahasa Malaysia subtitles

WISH COMES TRUE: 24 Sep 2023 5.30pm

DELIVERANCE: 24 Sep 2023 8.30pm

Screening tickets to Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation will be opened for advanced ticket sales from 13th September onwards and each ticket is priced at RM10. For more information, please log on to GSC’s official website for further details. 


AFAA will also be releasing an exclusive limited edition key chain in the theme of Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation and Asian Film Awards Academy for the event. Look out for more information on how to earn one of these exclusive memorabilia. To celebrate the event, we have set up a small exhibition at the GSC Mid Valley Megamall to display all the movie posters and information of all movies. All interested friends are welcome to visit.


Meanwhile, Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation will continue its journey to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Dubai. Log on to AFAA official website for more updates.


Please contact us if any questions,


Tel: +852 3195 0609


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