David Chiang, Lawrence Kan & Amos WHY interviewed by Malaysia Media

Hong Kong filmmakers attended the Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation in Malaysia and were interviewed by local media outlets, sharing their thoughts on Hong Kong films, as well as their experiences of shooting their films.
12 November 2023

Directors Lawrence Kan, Amos WHY, and actor David Chiang visited Malaysia to join the Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation with the invitation from the Asian Film Awards Academy. In the three-day event in Kuala Lumpur, they did not only attend various activities including the opening ceremony, post-screening sharing session and film forums in colleges, but also interviews with TV stations, radio channels and other media outlets, sharing their views on the Hong Kong film industry and the experiences while shooting the two premiered films “In Broad Daylight” and “Everyphone Everywhere”.


Upon arrival in Malaysia, the three filmmakers went for an interview at Melody, a subsidiary of Astro, Malaysia’s largest integrated media and entertainment company. They were also interviewed by various local media outlets, such as Sin Chew Daily, China Press and Pocketimes in the following two days.

Actor David Chiang started his career as an actor since the age of 4. Despite the uncountable number of TV dramas and films he has participated, the 76-year-old veteran is still passionate in acting. He expressed his continuous love for acting, as this industry is ever-changing and there are different roles to challenge. “It is very special. And when everyone keeps making progress, I will be regressed if I stop moving forward. Therefore I have to keep learning, after all out of my passion for this industry.”


David is not only an actor, but also a director who had made over 10 films. As an experienced filmmaker, he is very happy to work with new directors to pass on the experience and to push forward the development of Hong Kong film industry. He says, “Hong Kong films have been facing challenges in the past few years. I hope to do something for the film industry, which is keep making quality films. I am pleased to work with new directors, sharing my experience and giving advice. Of course, it all depends on the director’s take.” When asked whether he would be taking the director role again, his answer was probably not but instead will be more than willing to pass on his experience and support new directors.

The new director David recently collaborated with was Lawrence Kan, in the premiered film “In Broad Daylight”, which is based on a true story that exposes the inhumanity inside a residential homes for the disabled. Director Kan is grateful for the presence of veteran actors Bowie Wu and David Chiang in the film, adding up vitality and excitement to the production. The director told to the media, “Perhaps many people know them only from TV dramas, but in fact, they are the pioneers of Hong Kong film industry. Having both of them appeared in the same film, made me very excited.” He also thanked the rest of the cast, including Bowie Lam, Rachel Leung, Jennifer Yu and Baggio Leung. The director felt very honoured and fortunate to have such brilliant cast in his film.


He is also very thankful for having films in his life, and he wants to keep making films that touch people’s hearts. “I want to make good films. The happiness gained from audience’s recognition is incomparable, not with the box office nor awards. I hope my films are not only moving but can also bring inspirations to the audience . That’s the most important point,” said director Kan.

Director of another premiered film “Everyphone Everywhere” Amos WHY found the filming easy because there were no fighting scenes and the plot was simple without many characters. He did not seek funding from major film studios but only asked for crowdfunding from his friends. He admitted, “Maybe I’m weird and only I would do this in Hong Kong. I didn’t look for investment from big companies, nor seek for government funding. And I didn’t even have any money. Most of my investors were my friends, and I relied on them to fund my shooting. Basically all the films I’ve made were done this way.”


In another interview, Amos says, “It took me 4 to 5 years for preparation, as I need enough materials to make a 90-minute film. I looked for inspirations of stories related to mobile phones from daily life and started filming last year.” “Everyphone Everywhere” is about three high school friends gather again after 25 years and experience an unusual day on account of their modern-day smartphones, ending up discovering a newfound meaning to their lives.

Presented by Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) in collaboration with Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) and GSC Movies (GSCM), financially supported by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) and Film Development Fund (FDF), and supported by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta, Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation in Malaysia has concluded its 3-day event successfully from 22nd to 24th September in Kuala Lumpur. The presentation will be held in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Dubai. Stay tune to the latest news on our official website.


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