Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival

Date: 25 – 28 November 2023
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival)
Guest: Saville Chan, Vanora Hui, Chu Wan Pin
Screening: A Guilty Conscience, A Light Never Goes Out, In Broad Daylight, The Narrow Road, Infernal Affairs, Fallen Angels, The Way of the Dragon
Partners: Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival


Final stop of ” Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation” in year 2023, was successfully held in collaboration with Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 25-28 November 2023. Seven Hong Kong films were screened in the programme, among them Producer Saville Chan of “A Light Never Goes Out”, actress Vanora Hui and composer Chu Wan Pin from “In Broad Daylight” flew to Indonesia to attend the Festival’s opening events, meet with enthusiastic audiences before and after the film screenings, and participated in various networking events, visits, and media interviews. The Hong Kong film talents immersed themselves in the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of the festival.



The Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation also showcased other five films, which included two compelling works by emerging directors Jack Ng and Lam Sum, namely A Guilty Conscience and The Narrow Road. Additionally, three beloved classics, namely Infernal Affairs, Fallen Angels, and The Way of the Dragon, were presented in stunning 4K restorations. These films garnered excellent reception from the local audience, who eagerly engaged in meaningful discussions with the filmmakers in attendance. The three guests were interviewed by several local media outlets, including national media Harian Kompas and Tempo Media, as well as digital media platforms such as kumparan and Suara.com. They shared about the moments and happenings during shooting.



In addition, the Hong Kong film talents had exchanges with local and international audiences and filmmakers on multiple occasions, alongside the HONG KONG FILM NIGHT networking party hosted by AFAA. Honorable guests attending the party included representatives of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta, Mr. Daniel Chan and Mr. Jackson Chan; JAFF Founder and veteran director Mr. Garin Nugroho; film talents from Hong Kong including producer Saville Chan of “A Light Never Goes Out”, actress Vanora Hui and composer Chu Wan Pin from “In Broad Daylight”; young film producers, directors and actors from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia as well as other Asian countries; and representatives of international film festivals. The party was a great opportunity for filmmakers and film industry professionals to reunite with old friends as well as expand their networks. Everyone enjoyed the chill vibes and relaxing atmosphere, while seizing the chance to exchange ideas and connect with Hong Kong filmmakers to get informed with the current situation of Hong Kong cinema, as well as possible future collaborations.



Carrying on from the “Next Generation: Emerging Directors Exhibition” in Thailand, a simple exhibition was presented at the “Hong Kong Film Night”. Adding to the posters and information of seven films featured in the programme, we exhibited illustrated poster of the film “In Broad Daylight” , as well as portraits of nine emerging Hong Kong directors, including Chan Kin-long of “Hand Rolled Cigarette”, Judy Chu of “Sunshine of My Life”, Ho Cheuk Tin of “The Sparring Partner”, Ka Sing Fung of “Lost Love”, Jack Ng of “A Guilty Conscience”, Kearen Pang of “29+1”, Anastasia Tsang of “A Light Never Goes Out”, Hing Weng Eric Tsang of “Hong Kong Family” and Norris Wong of “My Prince Edward”, all by Hong Kong illustrator Alex Chan.Guests interacted with each other at the party and through the exhibition, they were able to learn about the works and talents of the new generation of Hong Kong cinema, as well as get to know the talented artists from Hong Kong.





Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation in Indonesia was presented by the Asian Film Awards Academy, co-organized by the Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, financially supported by Create Hong Kong and the Film Development Fund and supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta. The AFAA will continue to organize this series of activities in different countries including Cambodia, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, showcasing the charm of the Hong Kong film industry and its excellent talents, allowing audiences from different regions to continue exploring the new generation of Hong Kong films and promoting the continuous development of the Hong Kong film industry.


Asian Film Awards Academy
The Asian Film Awards Academy, a non-profit organisation, was founded by Busan, Hong Kong and Tokyo International Film Festivals with the shared goal of celebrating excellence in Asian cinema. Aiming to promote and recognise Asian films and its talents, AFAA highlights, strengthens and develops Asian film industry through the annual Asian Film Awards and several year-round initiatives.


Our year-round events and programmes are held with the objectives to promote Asian films to a wider audience, expand the film market within Asia, and build and sustain connections among Hong Kong and international film professional. Masterclass Series – in conversation with filmmakers, Journey to the fest – Student Visit to International Film Festivals, Asian Cinerama – Film Roadshow, and Young Film Professionals Programme – overseas training and work-placement, are examples of our year-round programmes. These programmes could not have held successfully without the financial support of Create Hong Kong and Film Development Fund of the HKSAR Government. AFAA has worked to promote, educate, inform and develop knowledge, skills and interest in Asian cinema among the industry, students and audience in Asia and beyond with the support of film festivals and cultural organisations.


Create Hong Kong
Create Hong Kong is a dedicated office set up under the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on 1 June 2009 to lead, champion and drive the development of the creative economy in Hong Kong. It co-ordinates Government policy and effort regarding creative industries, focuses Government resources for the promotion and speeding up of the development of creative industries in Hong Kong, and works closely with the trade to boost the development of creative industries.


Film Development Fund
Film Development Fund was set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 1999 to support projects conducive to the long-term development of the film industry in Hong Kong, including part-financing small-to-medium budget film productions, enhancing efforts to promote Hong Kong films in the Mainland and overseas, enhancing initiatives to train talents in various aspects of film production and distribution, and enhancing the interest and appreciation of Hong Kong films by the local audience.


Please contact us if any questions,
Email: info@afa-academy.com
Tel: +852 3195 0608
Website: www.afa-academy.com

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