Asian Film Awards Academy Launch the 2023 Calendar Poster Set for the First Time

To welcome the New Year, the Asian Film Awards Academy has invited one of its interns, Alex Szeto to design the 2023 Calendar Poster Set.
20 December 2022

To welcome the New Year, the Asian Film Awards Academy has invited one of its interns, Alex Szeto to design the 2023 Calendar Poster Set.
Alex’s poster design is inspired by retro Collage Art, and blends the interplay of Hong Kong’s unique urban landscape with Devil’s Peak scenery as the background, while incorporating elements of film art to exercise the imagination and reflect the inspiration of the different sources. 


Collage was developed in the early 20th century particularly by artists such as the German John Heartfield (aka Helmut Herzfeld)who combined fragments and cut-outs of photos and graphic materials into unique visual ensembles creating a completely new work from a variety of existing works. In its combination of different images and sounds to create new meanings, montage in the cinema can be seen as a form of collage in time and space. For example, the famous film theorist, HungarianBela Balazswrote: “Montage can be compared to an engineer combining some fragmentary parts.”

The calendar with two colour schemes within the same composition evokes a vintage yet vibrant impression, enriching its connotations and emotions. This exquisite gift showcases the Asian Film Awards Academy’s wishes for an inspiring and fulfilling new year, thanking all those who have contributed to the film industry, and the Academy’s supporters.

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