Golden Cicada Film

October 2023 – December 2023

Date: October 2023 – December 2023

Location: Beijing

Partners: Gold Cicada Film

With support from CreateHK and the Film Development Fund, the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA), after three years, once again offered a training program for the field of film sound. For the first time, AFAA partnered with Beijing Golden Cicada Film, a renowned sound post-production studio in China, to offer a two-month work placement opportunity in their sound department. Two successful applicants traveled to Beijing to learn about film sound effects production from local professionals, thereby enhancing their knowledge in related fields and deepening their understanding of the industry.


The Young Film Professionals Overseas Training Program aims to nurture and empower young film talents and mid-career professionals in Hong Kong by providing them with valuable overseas training opportunities and short-term work placements. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their skills, forge professional relationships, and exchange ideas with esteemed overseas film experts, propelling their careers to new heights.



The participants joined Beijing Golden Cicada Film from October to December 2023, working in the sound department. They were involved in various tasks such as post-production of sound effects, dialogue recording, mixing, and mastering. For Foley sound effects, they had the opportunity to work at Beijing’s renowned Foley recording studio, Yi Ting Yuan Li (壹聽原力). Experienced local staff members shared insights on mastering the art of sound engineering and how the film’s sound effects department could elevate the project’s aesthetic impact through artistic choices.


Additionally, the co-workers of Beijing Golden Cicada Film guided the participants on a visit to their long-term partners—the renowned film and television academies: Beijing Film Academy and Central Academy of Fine Arts. One participant stated, “This allows me to better understand the career paths and progress of Beijing filmmakers. In my free time, I also had the chance to take part in the Beijing International Short Film Festival, where I interacted frequently with personnel from Beijing’s film production industry, gaining further insight into the local industrial ecology and opportunities.”


Yang Jiang, founder of Beijing Golden Cicada Film and recipient of the Best Sound Award at the 13th Asian Film Awards, expressed great enthusiasm about partnering with AFAA for this meaningful training program, “We are delighted to collaborate with AFAA and contribute to such a significant training initiative. It brings us immense joy to share our experiences with the new generation of filmmakers and contribute to the prosperity of Asian cinema.”


Both participants expressed that the program significantly impacted their career planning. “It provided valuable insights into the film industry and educated me on film trends, challenges, and opportunities. I gained a broad understanding of various aspects of film production, including pre- and post-production. It notably enhanced my skills in sound effects production, which I believe will be beneficial for my future career.”


Asian Film Awards Academy


The Asian Films Awards Academy, a non-profit organisation, was founded by Busan, Hong Kong and Tokyo International Film Festivals with the shared goal of celebrating excellence in Asian cinema. Aiming to promote and recognize Asian films and its talents, AFAA highlights, strengthens and develops Asian film industry through the annual Asian Film Awards and several year-round initiatives.


The Asian Film Awards was inaugurated in 2007, where members of AFAA are drawn from its past nominees and winners. The category of awards includes Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. Members vote for the Asian Film Awards and participate in various AFAA activities involving film professionals and audiences in Asia and around the world.


Beijing Golden Cicada Film


Established in 2010, Beijing Golden Cicada Film has firmly established itself as a leading force in professional film and television sound production. The studio’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-level and high-quality sound works has garnered widespread acclaim within the industry.


Beijing Golden Cicada Film’s works have received numerous prestigious accolades, including recognition at the Asian Film Awards, Golden Rooster Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, and Golden Horse Awards. Notable projects include Zhang Yimou’s “Full River Red,” “Cliff Walkers,” and “Shadow.” These achievements serve as a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence and their ability to captivate audiences with exceptional sound design.


In 2018, the founders of Golden Cicada Film, Yang Jiang and Zhao Nan, were bestowed with a remarkable honor. They received invitations to join The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, becoming official members of the Oscars jury. This recognition further solidifies their studio’s reputation as a trailblazer in the field of film sound production.


At Beijing Golden Cicada Film, a scientific production management model is employed, and a team of seasoned professionals is assembled. The studio’s state-of-the-art facilities include a dialogue studio and editing studio equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as the esteemed JBL 7 Series monitor speakers. Additionally, the studio boasts a Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and China HoloSound certified film sound mixing studio, ensuring the highest quality sound production.

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