Kuala Lumpur

Golden Screen Cinemas

Date: 5 – 7 November 2021

Location: Kuala Lumpur (GSC Mid Valley)

Guest: Adam Wong, Felix Tsang, Teddy Chin, Leonard Tee, Kent Chan, Jess Teong, Teng Bee, Keoh Chee Ang

Screening: One Second Champion, The Way We Keep Dancing, Drifting, Keep Rolling, Hand Rolled Cigarette, Septet: The Story of Hong Kong

Partners: GSC Movies, Golden Screen Cinemas

In collaboration with GSC Movies and Golden Screen Cinemas, the “Hong Kong Film Gala Presentation 2021” in Kuala Lumpur came to a satisfactory close.


Six Hong Kong feature films have been presented at GSC Mid Valley located at one of the most popularly visited mall in Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley Megamall, and received their Malaysia premiere from 5 to 7 November.


The programme opened in the afternoon with Adam Wong’s The Way We Keep Dancing, the eagerly anticipated sequel to his popular success The Way We Dance on street culture in Hong Kong. After a lapse of 7 years, dancers from the original casts are faced with gentrification of the district that has nurtured their creatively.


The evening premiere presented musician and actor Chiu Sin Hang’s latest feature One Second Champion after his impressive directorial debut Vampire Cleanup Department in 2017. A story of a father born with the ability to see one second into the future takes up prize fighting to fund surgery for his hearing-impaired son. The film topped the box office upon release in Hong Kong in March.

Another film come from the director Jun Li’s Drifting, his second feature after having made a significant impact with his directorial debut Tracey in 2018. Drifting takes a close look at the homeless, as it features an outstanding ensemble of actors and shows a sensitive approach to an important social issue. It has garnered multiple nominations for the Asian Film Awards and the Golden Horse Awards.


The programme also included two directorial debuts showing the continued emergence of talents in the Hong Kong film industry. Actor-turned-filmmaker Chan Kin Long’s Hand Rolled Cigarette, is a gritty bromance drama born out of the much-lauded First Feature Film Initiative and depicts two men who transcend their cultural and racial differences to form a brotherhood.


Renowned Hong Kong production designer and art director Man Lim Chung follows one of Hong Kong’s most influential filmmakers, Ann Hui, in his directorial debut Keep Rolling. This documentary ranges over Hui’s 40-year career and record her moment as the first Asian female director to win the Golden Lion For Lifetime Achievement at the Venice International Film Festival.


The programme closed with Septet: The Story of Hong Kong ,directed by seven Hong Kong’s most revered auteurs – Sammo Hung, Ann Hui, Patrick Tam, Yuen Woo-ping, Johnnie To, the late Ringo Lam and Tsui Hark who come together to compose a symphony of stories about their city.

Director Adam Wong and producer Felix Tsang attended post-screening Q&A through live streaming after screening of The Way We Keep Dancing. “I think that it’s incredible how as long as you are true to yourself while directing a movie, your film will surely reflect the state of society.” Adam spoke about how he prides himself on making sure that he come up with story that he would like to tell. Felix Tsang explained m many films nowadays are talking about culture and society or discriminated classes which is something out of ordinary.


We are delighted to invite Malaysian filmmakers included Teddy Chin, Leonard Tee, Kent Chan Jess Teong, Teng Bee and Keoh Chee Ang to attend a post-screening panel discussion and share their insights with local film industry, students and film enthusiasts.


Collaborated with GSC Movies and Golden Scene Cinemas shared aim to encourage creative and cultural exchanges between the film talents and production of Hong Kong and Malaysia. The occasions provided the Malaysian audience with the rare opportunities to watch Hong Kong newly released films and meet Hong Kong director and producer via live streaming whilst undergoing the pandemic. We believed the program also offered a precious chance for Malaysia audiences to have a deeper understanding of Hong Kong films and the film industry in this era.

Screening schedule:

The Way We Keep Dancing: 5 November 2021 – 14:30*

One Second Champion: 5 November 2021 – 17:30

Drifting: 6 November 2021 – 14:30*

Hand Rolled Cigarette: 6 November 2021 – 17:30

Keep Rolling: 7 November 2021 – 14:30*

Septet: The Story of Hong Kong: 7 November 2021 – 17:30

All screenings are in original Cantonese language with English and Chinese subtitles.

All films are Malaysia premiere.

Official Trailer:


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