The Post Republic/Rotor Film/Trixter

January – May 2018

Date: January – May 2018

Location: Berlin

Partners: The Post Republic, Rotor Film, Trixter, Goethe-Institut Hong Kong, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, Nipkow Programm, Hong Kong Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Hong Kong

The Asian Film Awards Academy confirmed an expansion of its program to send young local film professionals overseas for training in postproduction services, and urged interested candidates to apply for the program.


The AFA Academy’s Young Film Professionals Overseas Training Program began in 2016 with support from Create Hong Kong and the Film Development Fund. Two local professionals in the fields of visual effects (VFX) and sound effects were sent to Germany to train in a distinguished European film postproduction studio, enabling them to consolidate their expertise and foster cross-regional exchanges.


Following 2016’s success, the scale of the program had expanded in 2017 to cover a wider array of postproduction disciplines, namely color grading, visual effects and sound effects. The AFA Academy send some young professionals overseas in 2017-2018. The AFA Academy General Manager, Ms Josie Lin said, “We want to give young Hong Kong professionals the opportunity of overseas exposure at the early stage of their careers, not only to learn state of the art technology but also to network and develop international relationships that will be of mutual benefit in the future. We are looking for candidates who have the potential to advance in their careers and help the development of the local industry.”


The AFA Academy has secured the cooperation of four eminent German film studios including Rotor Film, which boasts the largest grading and mixing stage in Europe. Its productions include Palme d’Or winning The Square (2017) and the sequel to Iron Sky, Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2018). Another studio partner is the widely acclaimed Trixter. Its VFX projects include Hollywood superhero installments Spider-Man, Marvels’s The Avengers, Captain America and Ant-man. The Post Republic, the Academy’s studio partner last year, will join the Academy’s program again this year. It has been involved in more than 150 productions including Land of Mine (2015), Oscar winning The Imitation Game (2014), Omar (2014), Palme d’Or winning Winter Sleep (2014) and Golden Lion nominated Francofonia (2015).


In 2018, selected candidates in the AFA Academy’s Young Film Professionals Overseas Training Program engage in a six-month professional training in either Berlin or Potsdam in Germany.

About Rotor Film

Rotor Film is located in the Babelsberg Medienstadt (Media City), a district of Potsdam that has been a film production center for over a hundred years. Its post-production facility is installed with the largest grading and mixing stage in Europe. Its acclaimed team of professionals and state of the art technologies ensure postproduction of the highest standards. Rotor provides a range of services including sound mixing, design, editing, re-recording, ADR, dubbing, foley, DCP mastering, color grading, workflow solutions and project management. Its projects include Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2018), Palme d’Or winning The Square (2017), Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning Sand Storm (2016) and Morris from America (2016), Silver Berlin Bear Winning Stations of the Cross (2014) and German Film Award Outstanding Feature Film Jack (2014).

About The Post Republic

Based in central Berlin, The Post Republic serves the international movie industry by offering customized workflow solutions for a variety of budgets and production scales. With additional facilities in Hamburg, Halle and London, the studio houses a multitude of disciplines and a broad range of skillsets. The company offers end-to-end post-production solutions including digital on-set lab, editing, color grading, visual effects, sound design, mixing, film recording and digital delivery. Over the last nine years, The Post Republic has become one of Europe’s leading post-facilities and has earned a reputation for ensuring that films of both small and large scales would receive the same high standard of creative and technical expertise. It has completed over 150 films, including Land of Mine (2015), Oscar winning The Imitation Game (2014) and nominated Omar (2014), Palme d’Or winning Winter Sleep (2014), Golden Lion nominated Francofonia (2015), and Oscars nominated and Golden Globes winning Waltz with Bashir (2008).

About Trixter

Trixter has studios in Berlin, Munich and Los Angeles. It is not only where iconic Marvel characters like Iron Man, Black Panther, Rocket and Baby Groot are brought to life, but also a breathtaking variety of animals, from an ant to an elephant to a magical dragon. The international team of artists teaches them how to run, swim, fly or whatever the project requires, creating believable characters that live on the screen, interacting seamlessly with their human co-stars. Trixter also gives them their environments, whether it be a set extension or a completely virtual world, from a classic matte painting to a fully CG forest to a bustling city and everything in between, employing various complex effects from water to fire or smoke.


Founded two decades ago by Simone Kraus and Michael Coldewey, Trixter is one of Germany`s leading VFX studios, creating stunning high end VFX work and character animation for film and television. At the leading edge of the industry, employing computer scientists, film aficionados and incredibly talented artists, Trixter is always pushing the boundaries and is currently developing content and technical solutions for VR and 360°.

Other Young Film Professionals
Golden Cicada Film Two selected young film professionals went to Beijing Golden Cicada Film, the renowned sound post-production studio for a work placement in the sound department. This allowed participants to learn professional knowledge about film sound effects production and gain a deep understanding of the prospects and future of mainland China’s film industry.
White Light Post Both Hong Kong participants stated that by attending the "Young Film Professionals Programme" in Thailand, they were able to gain an in-depth understanding of the various post-production steps, which has also helped them set clearer goals for their future career development.
White Light Post The selected students not only learned colour grading skills but had a deeper understanding of the local film industry's post-production structure, workflow, management arrangements, etc.
mm2 Entertainment Hong Kong The Student Internship Program providing students extensive possibilities to discover film industry in various aspects.
Broadway Cinematheque The Student Internship Program aims to help students to develop careers and professional identities in the film industry.
The Post Republic The candidate can work in the standard and international sound post-production studios to learn a lot from the film industry in Germany.
White Light Post The most valuable element in this programme is the opportunity to get to know how the professional work in this industry.
Broadway Cinematheque The intern can help in preparation and execution of the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival and gain most experience in three months.
L’Immagine Ritrovata The candidate can join two-months’ work placements at L’Immagine Ritrovata film restoration laboratory in Bologna, Italy.
Broadway Cinematheque The Student Internship Program to nurture a new generation of dedicated film events programmers, marketers and organizers.

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